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Adjacent Worlds
When our thoughts and prayers turn to God, we almost always think up, but since up is simply away from earth, which direction is that? The spirit world is not visible to us so we tend to consider it away from the earth and yet heavenly beings do not seem subject to long journeys in order to visit us here on earth. There is, however, a commonly encountered concept that spirit dimensions are right here on this earth and there seems to be some validity to that concept. Since there are a great number of people with physical bodies in the spirit world, both translated and resurrected. This earth probably consists of many dimensions, maybe one fourth dimension with several three dimensions, like pages in a book or leaves in a head of lettuce. This explains the world we are familiar with and its proximity to the spiritual worlds. Any one system in the complex could be totally independent of any other, even though they are intimately associated. Under appropriate circumstances, a resident of any of the three dimensional systems might have access to, communication with and travel to one of the other dimensions . This novel creates a real life situation in which a young couple deals with such phenomena in a fast moving, action packed adventure.