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The Unspeakable Gift
Book II:
Apocalyptic Alternatives

Practically everyone is aware of calamities to arise in the "last days", a time often referred to as the "apocalypse". Even the word "apocalypse" is a source of either conscious or unconscious anxiety to many people. To some It is a source of nagging fear that disturbs their tranquility. We forcibly push it out of our conscious minds and rigorously ignore it for the sake of peace of mind. For others, however, it is a future event that may never come to pass. Even the ancient saints thought it was just around the corner, so why should we worry about it now? What most people do not want to acknowledge is that the apocalypse is already here, the evidence is everywhere around us and grows more critical with each passing day.

There is a great tendency for people to think of the Apocalypse as only a time of fear, pain, purging, and punishment. We paint it all black and that is what we talk about. But that Is only one picture, and only the unrepentant have that bleak intimidating picture to face. For those who are actively repenting there is another picture painted in brilliant color and with marvelous divine promises, blessings of revelation, and divine guidance to encourage them. Furthermore, for those who are born of the Spirit, there is a life totally above all the pain and sorrow. This immunity, for those willing to apply themselves to the quest proposed in this book, will not only avoid the trauma and chaos of the apocalypse but will obtain the promises of a land of milk and honey, peace, joy, and continued learning from our Savior.