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The Book Of Revelation Made Easy
The book of the Bible entitled "The Revelation Of Saint John The Divine" is a mystery to most people, yet Joseph Smith considered it plain and simple and the least polluted with the precepts of men. For Joseph, inspiration unveiled the mystery and for the rest of us revelation can do the same.

Keys to unraveling the mystery of Revelation are numerous when one realizes that one must cease reading the book as though everything proceeds in sequential and chronological order. This is not the case. When we realize this and begin to look for the keys, the book will begin to reveal itself.

We all know that the book of Revelation is apocalyptic but it begins in John’s own time. It includes a critique of the churches and the saints of his day. This critique is also applicable to the churches and Christians of our own day. We then encounter the book with seven seals which recaps the world’s history through seven dispensations of time ending at the millennial closure. In the sixth or present dispensation, the narration becomes apocalyptic. Then the seventh dispensation opens and the first few years are the most devastating part of the apocalypse.

To confront the apocalypse with peace of mind, one must understand what’s going on and why. We must be familiar with the pertinent scriptures. The prophesies are there because God intended for us to read and understand them. He didn’t want to just fill us with fear, but He wanted to offer us hope. He wants us to anticipate these times with joy and peace.

We must read the scriptures, pondering what we read, probing the depths, and studying the convoluted text carefully. We must watch for keys to meaning and we must observe when certain text relates back to previous passages, adding detail and meaning. There is a tendency to read the prophets as though everything flows in a linear sequence but confusion is the result. This is not only true of the book of Revelation, but also the Book of Isaiah, the Book of Daniel, and the books of other ancient prophets.