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Valiant People Of The Book Of Mormon
This book is fiction based on the lives of people from the Book of Mormon. It is not a substitute for the scriptures, it is not an analysis nor an interpretation of the scriptures, doctrinal topics are briefly recognized in places but are not pursued nor elaborated on at length. The intent of this book is to put the characters of the Book of Mormon into real life contexts with wives, children, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, grandparents, friends and enemies. It elaborates on human actions, interactions and reactions, hopes and emotions within the context of their unusual times and circumstances.

It is hoped that in reading this book the characters will become real people to the reader. And that when the scriptures are read, the Book of Mormon people will be perceived as real people with real feelings, emotions and concerns for their families and others. Perhaps the reader will come to realize the struggles of the Book of Mormon people to spiritually conquer the world and the mortal nature of man. This is also our struggle.

Perhaps in knowing them more intimately, one may come to love them and better appreciate their joys, sorrows and sacrifices for us. Perhaps the reader will come to think of them not only as prophets, holy witnesses and holy warriors, but also as husbands and fathers, farmers, and shepherds; caring for the needs of their families, in war and peace.

Although fiction, these stories are written in first person narration which makes them read like autobiographies.