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The Lesser and the Greater Gospel
The scriptures proclaim a gospel that is plain and simple, able to accommodate beginners. And when the newly converted have mastered that plain and simple version, there is a much more expansive and rewarding version yet to be restored.

After more than a hundred and seventy years, however, that plain and simple version, with which the early saints struggled, is still our challenge. The more expansive version where the "tree of life" awaits our discovery and our partaking, is still beyond us. It is withheld until we become true and faithful in the lesser gospel. When we have mastered the gospel we already have, then the greater gospel will be restored to us.

The lesser gospel, to which we are presently accountable, was meant to entice us out of the spiritual poverty of the world. It was given to bring us to Zion where the more expansive gospel offers an incomparable wealth of spiritual gifts, privileges, knowledge and blessings.

The Lord invites all to join the quest for the greater gospel, to enjoy the benefits of being "born of the Spirit" and to obtain immunity from the rigors of the descending apocalypse.