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The Unspeakable Gift
When we came into this world, we suffered a spiritual death and a veil was imposed between us and the spirit realm. While here, Babylon spreads her malignant, greedy embrace over the entire earth. In our day, there is no wilderness in which to escape for refuge. The Lord’s mandate to his people and has always been to bring forth and establish Zion. But the vast majority of us do not truly realize what this means; and we fail to realize that salvation does not lie in the church nor in the scriptures. These merely assist in our quest to be born of the Spirit and to overcome our spiritual death. We must come unto Christ, literally take his name upon us becoming like him in every aspect of our beings.

The blessings promised to us as a result of this quest for spiritual rebirth and the baptism of fire are spectacular. You may never have believed that such blessings are obtainable while we live in this mortal state. A careful reading of the scriptures, however, will point out that not only are we commanded to be perfect but a way has been provided whereby we may do so in this very lifetime. If you perceive the depth of the noble quest contained herein, the possibilities will truly stun you. And if you are able to believe what you perceive, your life will never be the same again. For the valiant, the promise is awesome, the challenge irresistible. If you choose to go in search of this unspeakable gift, this book will be of tremendous value to you.